Membership Committee

Membership Committee

Rule 80. Membership

The board of directors shall appoint a membership committee which shall consider and decide on applications for membership of the credit union.


Rule 81. Chair and secretary

  1. The membership committee shall choose from its number a chair and a secretary. The offices of chair and secretary shall not be held by the same person.
  2. The secretary shall prepare and maintain complete records of all meetings of the committee.


Rule 82. Meetings

The membership committee shall:

  • meet as often as necessary to carry out its functions;
  • submit a written report to the board of directors at each meeting of the board of directors; and
  • comply with any instruction of the board of directors.


Rule 83. Duties

Subject to these rules and the Act, the membership committee and /or membership officer shall:

  1. ascertain and determine that an applicant is eligible for membership;
  2. explain to such applicant the requirements for admission to membership and the conditions for retaining membership;
  3. assist him in filling in all necessary application forms;
  4. accept entrance fees and initial share payments;
  5. admit persons to membership;
  6. issue numbered passbooks or other evidence of membership to new members; and
  7. deliver a copy of these rules to every person on demand, on payment of a sum not exceeding €1 or such larger sum as may for the time being be prescribed by the Minister.


Rule 84. New members and doubtful applications

The membership committee shall:

  • at least once in every month notify the board of directors of the new members whose applications they have approved; and
  • where there is a doubt in respect of an applicant’s qualification for membership of the credit union, submit the application for membership to the board of directors for a decision.


Rule 84A. Membership Officer

  1. The board of directors may approve the appointment of a person by the manager as a membership officer to assist the membership committee and work under its supervision and control.
  2. A record of each application for membership which has or has not been approved shall be furnished by the membership officer to the membership committee no later than seven days of receipt of the application.
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