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A Direct Debit facility is available. We also provide a facility for our members to pay by Deduction at Source if there is a partnership in place between Savvi Credit Union and the members employer.

Budget Accounts are a product controlled by the Lending Team and we do not proceed with an application without running an ICB (Irish Credit Bureau) check.

No. The Budget Account will only pay bills which fall due in the twelve month period covered by the budget year.
If your Budget Account goes one month or more into arrears bill payments cannot be made.
Yes, however surpluses can be withdrawn, transferred to shares or carried forward into next year’s Budget Account.

The Credit Union will pay bills where adequate provisions have been built into the budget plan and the overdraft limit has not been exceeded. Where adequate provisions have not been made, bills cannot be paid.

We would recommend that all bills be paid by direct debit directly from the budget account, however there are some bills which cannot be paid by this method. The member can either send in his/her withdrawal request by email/post or alternatively the member could withdraw these funds via their online banking.

There is a €48 annual fixed charge which is paid from the account at the end of the budget year.
Calculate your annual outgoings for as many or as few bills as you want. We calculate the monthly, fortnightly or weekly amount you need to pay to cover these including a contingency of 5% to protect you against under budgeting. Any surplus at the end of the year can be transferred to shares, refunded or included in next years’ budget. There is an interest free overdraft limit – please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.
A Budget Account allows you to spread your outgoings evenly over a fixed period of time of one year. It would be especially helpful to members who encounter a period in a specific year where all their main bills fall at once ie. School fee’s, Car Insurance.
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