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Imagine you could win a brand new electric Nissan Leaf for just €1 a week? That’s how little it is to enter our car draw.

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The car draw happens every 2 months, with one lucky electric car winner and lots of cash prize winners too. Enter your details on the form below and we'll send you out confirmation of your entry that you just sign and return to us.

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    Previous Car Draw Winners

    Winner of New Electric Nissan Leaf SV

    Thomas Walsh, Co.Tipperary

    Winner of €1,500

    Patrick Gaffney , Dublin 24

    Winners of €730 each

    Angela Clarke , Dublin 4

    Angela Clarke , Dublin 15

    John Grogan , Co. Waterford

    Ray Morris , Co. Kilkenny

    Lorraine O’Neill , Co. Cork

    Una McGlynn , Co. Donegal

    Patrick Cannon , Co. Offaly

    Donal Walsh , Co. Wicklow

    John Curtin , Co. Kerry

    Niamh Lennon , Co. Louth

    Aidan McGlynn , Co. Donegal

    Winner of New Electric Nissan Leaf SV

    John Ryan , Dublin 14

    Winner of €1,500

    Ryan Clyde , Dublin 9

    Winners of €735 each

    William O’Brien , Dublin

    Colin Davis , Sligo

    Brendan Malone , Offaly

    Mary McCarthy , Dublin

    Denise Healy , Kildare

    Gerard Crean , Kerry

    Aliona Ryan , Dublin

    Carmel McCormack , Clare

    Paul Thomas , Dublin

    Barry O’Mahony , Kerry

    Andrew Collins , Cork

    Winner of New Electric Nissan Leaf SV

    Corina & Mark Merrigan , Dublin 4

    Winner of €1,500

    Francis Bannon , Co. Offaly

    Winners of €770 each

    Roy Donovan , Dublin 15

    Alan Gibson , Co. Dublin

    Seamus Carroll , Co. Tipperary

    Gerard McDonnell , Dublin 7

    John Slattery , Co. Kerry

    Thomas McGrath , Dublin 14

    Paul Ryan , Dublin 1

    Susan McGuigan , Co. Cavan

    Joseph Loughnane , Co. Tipperary

    Claire O’Mahony , Co. Waterford

    Declan O’Connell , Co. Clare

    John Quirke , Co. Kerry

    Winner of New Electric Nissan Leaf SV

    Nuala O'Shea, Dublin 6

    Winner of €1500

    Cillian Farmer, Co.Cork

    Winners of €740 each

    Deirdre & Brian Merriman , Co. Wicklow

    Annemarie Andreason , Dublin 18

    James & Eileen Treacy , Co. Galway

    Ann Farrelly , Co. Dublin

    Eugene Leopoldo , Dublin 11

    Susan Kane , Dublin 1

    Roger Morrissey , Co. Cork

    Pat Nevin , Co. Tipperary

    John Keating , Co. Dublin

    Siobhan Healy , Co. Cork

    James & Bridget Eustace , Co. Clare

    John McNeive , Co. Mayo

    Winner of New Electric Nissan Leaf SV

    Fergus Murphy, Dublin 7

    Winner of €1500

    John Devery , Co. Offaly

    Winners of €750

    Karl McMahon , Dublin 1

    Andrew Giles , Co. Dublin

    Fiona Darby , Dublin 13

    John Conway , Co. Mayo

    Rebecca & Leslie Bennett , Co. Laois

    Gerard Crowley , Dublin 6

    Karl Cronin , Co. Cavan

    Joseph & Catherine Crowe , Co. Kildare

    Catherine & Thomas English , Co. Limerick

    Seamus Kelly , Co. Kilkenny

    Winner of New Electric Nissan Leaf SV

    Mary Bushe, Co. Wicklow

    Winner of €1500

    Thomas Murphy, Co. Cork

    Winners of €750 each

    Robert Garvey , Co Meath

    Sean & June Ryan , Dublin 16

    Richard Murray, Co Wicklow

    Geraldine Brennan , Dublin 3

    Patrick Colman , Co Dublin

    Shane Bolger Fitzgerald , Dublin 15

    James & Thomas O’Sullivan , Co Mayo

    Anne O’Connell , Co Meath

    Elizabeth McKeever , Dublin 4

    Glen Morgan , Dublin 12

    Winner of New Electric Nissan Leaf SV

    Philip Conway, Co Kerry

    Winner of €1500

    Oliver Lee, Co. Leitrim

    Winners of €750 each

    William O’Brien , Dublin 7

    Linda Tierney , Dublin 15

    Anthony Mulholland , Co. Kildare

    Joseph Rickard , Co. Dublin

    Susan Mahon , Co. Offaly

    John Power , Co. Clare

    Conor Fogarty , Co. Tipperary

    John Donovan , Co. Donegal

    Elizabeth Murphy , Co. Waterford

    John McCarthy , Co. Kerry

    Winner of €15,000

    Joseph Gavaghan , Dublin

    Winner of €1,500

    Patrick Hynes ,



    Winners of €750 each

    Patrick Hynes, Limerick

    John Ryan , Dublin

    Kathleen McManus , Longford

    Kevin Madden , Longford

    Helena Doody , Kerry

    Winner of €15,000

    Anthony & Eileen Clerkin , Co. Monaghan

    Winners of €1,500

    Adrian Bannister , Dublin 6W

    Winners of €750 each

    Patrick Needham , Co. Mayo

    Sean Martin , Co. Monaghan

    John & Rita O’Donoghue , Co. Cork

    Sarah McGrane , Dublin 16

    Jason Redmond , Dublin 4

    Winner of €15,000

    Christopher Groarke , Co. Mayo

    Winner of €1,500

    Seamus Kelly, Co. Kilkenny

    Winners of €875 each

    Michael Manning , Co. Tipperary

    Peter Roche , Co. Dublin

    Thomas Russell , Co. Limerick

    Kathleen Phelan , Co. Tipperary

    Tanya & Stephen Lynch , Co. Cork

    Winner of a Kia Picanto

    Thomas & Marie Finnegan , Co. Dublin

    Winner of €1,300

    Paul Barber , Co. Meath

    Winners of €700 each

    Geraldine Taylor , Co. Waterford

    Jennifer & Michael Glasheen , Co. Limerick

    Colm Finegan , Co. Louth

    Niall Molloy , Co. Dublin

    Winner of a Kia Picanto

    Declan Sheehan , Co. Limerick

    Winner of €1400

    Kathleen Dowling , Co. Dublin

    Winners of €700

    Derek Geoghegan , Co. Dublin

    Sophia Keane & Jason Rooney , Co. Meath

    Enda McGann , Co. Longford

    Harry Allen , Co. Meath

    Winner of a Kia Picanto

    Joe Mooney , Co.Dublin

    Winner of €1,400

    Donnie & Peggy Herron , Co. Sligo

    Winners of €700 each

    Paul & Breda Curley , Co. Roscommon

    Killian McEntaggart , Co. Dublin

    Mike & Johanna Healy , Co. Sligo

    Pauline O’Hanlon , Co. Dublin

    Winner of a Kia Picanto

    Jim Marmion , Co. Louth

    Winner of €1,500

    Catherine Mitchell, Co. Wexford

    Winners of €770

    Garrett Howard, Co. Tipperary

    Brendan O'Connor, Co. Dublin

    John Looney, Co.Cork

    Pauline Murphy, Co.Carlow

    Winner of a Kia Picanto

    Anthony Bermingham , Co. Wicklow

    Winner of €1500

    William Acres , Co. Wicklow

    Winners of €775

    John MacDevitt , Co. Donegal

    John Timothy , Co. Mayo

    Michael Kelly , Co. Cork

    Sean Martin, Co. Cork

    Winner of a Kia Picanto

    James Boyle , Co. Dublin

    Winner of €1500

    Michael Conway , Co. Mayo

    Winners of €800

    John O’Brien , Co. Kildare

    Ita Hynes , Co. Offaly

    Cathal Chapman , Co. Longford

    Timothy Hayes , Co. Cork

    Winner of a Kia Picanto

    William Clancy , Co. Clare

    Winner of €1500

    James O’Shaughnessy , Co. Cork

    Winners of €825

    Peter Sheehy , Co. Clare

    Laura Gallagher , Co. Donegal

    Andrew Coffey , Co. Louth

    Richard Cully , Co. Offaly

    Winner of a Kia Picanto

    Tim & Margaret Keating , Co. Cork

    Winner of €1500

    Bernie Schwer , Co. Kildare

    Winners of €825

    Emmanuel Kehoe , Co. Dublin

    Teresa O’Malley Fitzpatrick , Co. Clare

    John Wyley , Co. Dublin

    Violet Quigley , Co. Dublin

    Winner of a Kia Picanto

    John Slattery , Co. Kerry

    Winner of €1500

    Denise Rigney Power , Co. Waterford

    Winners of €825

    Francis & Majella Barrett , Co. Kerry

    Frank McHugh , Co. Galway

    Marie Mogerley , Co. Dublin

    Bobby Daly , Co. Carlow

    Winner of a Kia Rio

    Marian Reeves , Co. Kildare

    Winner of €1500

    Mary & Vincent Gillen , Co. Sligo

    Winner of €775

    Anthony Owens , Co. Dublin

    Joseph Scully , Co. Dublin

    Damien McCurry , Co. Limerick

    Kevin O’Hare , Co. Dublin

    Winner of a Kia Rio

    Claire Grady, Co. Dublin

    Winner of €1500

    Francis Mee , Co. Clare

    Winners of €790

    Kieran Finn , Co. Dublin

    Padraic Kenny , Co. Offaly

    Roy Joseph , Co. Meath

    Valerie Ivers , Co. Cork

    Winner of Kia Rio

    Barry Ryan , Co. Waterford

    Winner of €1500

    James Ryan , Co. Tipperary

    Winners of €850

    James Hoare , Co. Longford

    Noel Casey , Co. Clare

    John Kirwan, Co,. Offaly

    Tim & Margaret Keating , Co. Cork

    Winner of €1,500

    Una Howley , Co. Sligo

    Winners of €875

    Oliver Walsh , Co. Mayo

    Frank Holohan , Co. Galway

    Oliver Doherty , Co. Limerick

    Seamus Kelly , Co. Kilkenny

    Kia Rio

    Marian O'Mahony, Co.Cork

    Winner of €1500

    Anthony Scully, Co. Offaly

    Winner of €890

    Margaret Keane, Co. Cork

    Sarah Booth, Co. Dublin

    Rosemary MacCarthy, Co. Cork

    Timothy Kearns, Co. Tipperary

    Kia Rio

    John Hurley, Co. Cork

    Winner €1500

    Henry Trimble, Co Roscommon

    Winners of €870

    Nora Walsh, Co. Waterford

    Liam O'Rourke, Co. Cork

    Richard Finnegan, Co. Dublin

    Philip Byrnes, Co. Tipperary

    Winner of Kia Rio

    Barry Comiskey, Co. Cavan

    Winner of €1500

    George Gaffney, Co. Wicklow

    Winners of €900 each

    Alice O'Driscoll, Co.Donegal

    Emma Whelan, Dublin 5

    John Doherty, Co. Donegal

    Nessan Heaslip, Co. Dublin

    Winner of Kia Rio

    John Allen, Co. Tipperary

    Winner of €1500

    Raymond Wright , Co. Dublin

    Winners of €900 each

    Eileen Noonan , Co. Cork

    Betty & Denis O’Reilly , Dublin 3

    Tanya Donohoe , Dublin 11

    John Dolan , Co. Kildare

    Winner of Kia Rio

    Bernadette Robbins, Dublin

    Winner of € 1,500

    Michael Brophy, Dublin

    Winners of €900 each

    Brendan O’Connor, Dublin

    Brendan O'Toole, Dublin

    Michael Quigley, Dublin

    Kieran Higgins, Cork

    Winner of Kia Rio

    Rachael McDaid, Donegal

    Winner of €1,500

    Geraldine McNamara, Dublin

    Winners of €900 each

    Gillian Long, Dublin

    James Fennell, Kerry

    Thomas O'Neill, Dublin

    Patrick McManus, Sligo

    Winner of Kia Rio

    Matthew Davis, Wicklow

    Winner of €1,500

    Liam O'Rourke, Cork

    Winners of €900 each

    Nora Walsh, Waterford

    John Hurley, Cork

    Patrick O'Sullivan, Cork

    William Quirke, Wexford

    Winner of Kia Rio

    Ryan Smyth, Galway

    Winner of €1,500

    Elizabeth Roche, Dublin 2

    Winners of €1,000 each

    John Dorrian & Pascal Keogh, Sligo

    Jacqui Carmody, Cork

    Anthony Mulholland, Kildare