Our Goal is simple — we make saving and borrowing easier for everyone

Savvi Credit Union is a beacon of financial innovation and community service, in the heart of Dublin's Docklands. We serve the diverse needs of our thousands of members — from families who've lived locally for years, to tech workers, startups and dedicated ESB staff. We've been around since the 1960s, and we've evolved over many decades alongside the financial needs of our ever-growing member base.

We offer more than just competitive lending rates — we provide a suite of financial services designed to boost your economic wellbeing. At Savvi you're not just a customer — you're a member, and part of a legacy that champions an inclusive approach to saving and borrowing.

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  • Weekly Total Repayments Interest
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  • Fortnightly Total Repayments Interest

We now securely use OPEN BANKING, making loan applications quicker & less hassle for you. Find out more about it here

APR means Annual Percentage Rate. The repayment amount quoted is for illustrative purposes only, to provide you with an overview of the potential cost of borrowing. Restrictions may apply.

Sprucing up the place? Our home improvement loans cover from €500-€120k.

Electric/Hybrid car loan rate is just 5.5%

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Need to talk to us?

If you can't find what you are looking for here or would like to talk to some one directly, call us on 01-6325100


Worried about your repayments?

Email us at support@savvi.ie and we'll be in touch to talk through your options.


  1. Online Application – as soon as your membership application is approved, you can apply for a loan. However, you must activate your account before an approved loan can issue.
  2. Postal or in branch Application – you can complete a loan application at the same as your membership application.
  1. DIY – You can withdraw funds online by downloading the Savvi App
  2. Complete an Authority & Indemnity form, where you will provide your email address and bank details and you can then send us an email with your request and we will send funds to your designated bank account.
  3. Call to one of our branches to make a withdrawal or to request a withdrawal.

There are a number of different account that you can choose to save into including our Share, Online Access and Christmas saver account.

The easiest way to save with us is by Deduction at source repayments (if you are ESB) or by Direct Debit for everyone else. You can also set up a standing order or call into any of our cash branches.

Each credit union has a common bond and Savvi covers most of Dublin 1, 2 and 4. So if you live or work in these areas, you can join Savvi. And don’t forget, if you’re already a member of another credit union, you can become a member of Savvi too!
  1. Apply online @ savvi.ie
  2. By post - complete an application form
  3. In branch