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Security Issues

Forms Autocomplete - This is a feature of the latest browsers which makes it easier to fill out online forms by remembering what was previously typed into the form's text boxes, and automatically inserting this information where appropriate. The kind of information remembered includes previous text entries, usernames and passwords, and web addresses when typed into the browser's address bar. In the case of public or shared computers this feature may reveal personal and confidential information and should ideally be disabled.


Display Issues

While our websites are optimized to display adequately in most scenarios, there are a multitude of factors which may affect the way a page is displayed. The factors which influence how a website looks on your monitor are:

Browser Type (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.)

Browser Version - New browsers support more features, and suspend archaic features. Older browsers set aside more room for navigation buttons.

Operating System (Windows, Apple, Unix, Java, Mobile Device Operating Systems, etc.)

Monitor Size and Resolution - Monitors can be set to different display resolutions which mean a greater or lesser part of the webpage is displayed in the same area.

Monitor Colours - Colours appear differently on Windows, Apple, LCD and Mobile Device screens for example, and the number of colours a monitor can display varies greatly, from 256 up to 16 million colors. Monitors can also be set brighter or darker according to your preferences.

Forms & Downloads

Adobe Reader - This is a free download, available on most computers, which enables viewing of Adobe PDF documents, and is required for viewing forms and newsletters in our website. The advantage of this type of document is that forms can be displayed and printed so they closely match the official paper documents.

In newer versions of Adobe Reader, certain forms (such as loan applications) can be filled in online and then printed off. To complete application forms online, you should have at least version 4 of Adobe Reader.

Useful for viewing on-screen, text-based documents as they were intended for print, making content more reader-friendly


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