Is a HEAT PUMP the right option for your home?



Is a HEAT PUMP the right option for your home?


What is a heat pump and how does it work?

A heat pump is an environmentally friendly and extremely energy efficient alternative to oil, gas, solid fuel and conventional home heating systems. A heat pump takes energy from free renewable sources outside the home (such as the air, water or the ground) in order to heat the home or produce hot water.

Most heat pumps are powered by electricity and deliver heat at relatively low temperatures over long periods. As the amount of energy needed to run a heat pump system is small in comparison to the energy it extracts, they are much more energy efficient than traditional heating systems.

What are the main benefits of a heat pump?

The main benefits to consumers who install heat pumps are:

  1. Lower fuel bills (particularly when replacing conventional electric heating)
  2. Reduced carbon emissions
  3. Can generally be used to heat the home as well as water
  4. There tends to be very little maintenance required
Is a heat pump the right option for your home?

Heat pump systems work best when generating heat at a lower temperature so are best utilised in homes which are already well insulated.  In many instances, the installation of a heat pump system is often done in conjunction with retrofit works to improve the home’s energy performance.


What heat pump grants are available?

The SEAI are offering grants of up to €3,500 for heat pumps. A grant of €200 is also available for the technical assessment of your home (payable in conjunction with the heat pump system grant). You can read more on the application process here.


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Credit unions, in partnership with Energia and House 2 Home, have launched CU Greener Homes, a one-stop-solution for all your home energy efficiency improvements.

Using the Home Energy Efficiency Calculator on the CU Greener Homes website, you can find out:

  1. The cost of a heat pump for your home
  2. The grant support which you may be eligible for
  3. The cost of credit union finance to help you fund the project
  4. The impact of the work on the energy efficiency of your home

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