1. Participation in the draw is limited to eligible members of Savvi Credit Union Ltd. (hereafter called “the Credit Union”) who are 18 years of age on or before the draw date.

2. Member’s authorisation form for the draw must be completed prior to participation and no entry is valid until the full monthly subscription has been paid for the relevant draw. The subscription fee is currently €52.00 per year per member. The fee may change and members will be notified in advance should this happen.

3. A separate car draw account will be opened for each participating member into which subscriptions will be deposited and withdrawn solely for the car draw.

4. It is the member’s sole responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are in place at the relevant time to enable their entry to be included in the draw. The Credit Union has no obligation to notify members with insufficient funds in their account for any particular draw.

5. Members withdrawing shares to amounts below €10 will be excluded from the draw until such times as their balance is €10 or more

6. To unsubscribe from the draw the Credit Union must be notified in writing or by e-mail from a previously supplied address.

7. Entry will be limited to ONE entry per member account. In the case of entries in respect of joint accounts, the joint names will be entered in the draw and if successful the prize will be awarded in the joint names of the account holders.

8. The number of draws held in the year will be dependent on the level of member participation but will not proceed until such time as is viable to hold at least quarterly draws. The Board of Directors shall have absolute discretion in this matter.

9. All draws will be carried out at the Credit Union office or at such other place as the Board of Directors may decide and witnessed by an impartial observer.

10. Winning members will be notified personally. All prize winners will be required to participate in publicity events surrounding the winning the car through multi-media channels.

11. A register of entrants will be maintained by the Credit Union.

12. The car draw fund account will be audited by the Credit Union’s auditor and will be included in the Annual Report.

13. The draw will be non-profit making, any surplus funds will be allocated to extra prizes and/or draws.

14. The Board of Directors will not entertain requests for cash in lieu or exchange of prizes nor will it enter into any negotiations with or on behalf of a member who wishes to enter negotiations with the supplier of prizes.

15. The make and model of car will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. The car will be registered in the name of the prize winner.

16. The Credit Union including its Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers will not be liable for any defects, or otherwise found in a vehicle or other prize supplied or for any damage or loss to the member or any third party howsoever caused.

17. In the event that a member account goes into arrears or default prior to a subscription renewal date where a member has completed an authorisation to renew their subscription on an annual basis, the Credit Union reserves the right to remove the member from the draw from the renewal date.

18. In the event that the winning member is a person who is in arrears or in default in carrying out any financial commitment or obligation to the Credit Union the Board of Directors may make a decision to withhold delivery of the prize to the member until the arrears have been paid or the default has been rectified. Such decision of the Board of Directors will be notified in writing to such member and if within seven days of being notified, the member has failed to comply with the requirements of the Board of Directors in relation to such arrears or default, the Credit Union shall be entitled to substitute the car for an equivalent cash prize and pay over to the winning member the prize less the deduction for any such arrears or payment of any money required to remedy any default. Any decision on this matter is at the discretion of the Board of Directors and their decision shall be final. Notice of such decision can be made by delivering same to the member personally or by posting same to the member by registered post in which case the date of receipt will be deemed to be the two working days after the date of posting.

19. The decision of the Board of Directors of the Credit Union concerning the car draw or any matter arising from any aspect of the draw shall be final.

20. The Board of Directors of the Credit Union reserve the right to alter any of the above rules in any manner whatsoever at its sole discretion without prior notice.