on 22 May 2020 8:42 AM

In these difficult times, we are so proud of the community spirit on display in our common bond areas. From socially distant dance parties to live-streamed parades, the local communities have really come together by staying apart. The initiative and care for one another being shown is truly heartwarming! At Savvi, we are all about “People Helping People” and this has been reflected in the efforts of our members!

Here are some of the community activities that have been taking place which truly displays the Savvi spirit!


Outdoor Bingo

Over the Easter Holidays, not one but two games out outdoor bingo took place in Ringsend and on Pearse Street! Both games were streamed live on social media so that people could take part at home. We were delighted to be able to sponsor some of the prizes!


Social Distance Dance Party

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a good old boogie. These Ringsend residents recreated the Saturday Night dance scene from “Derry Girls”! Their “socially distant dance party” took social media by storm and showed us all that we can still have a bit of fun while observing the physical distancing guidelines!


Stay Day Parade

This year’s Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre “May Day Parade” took place with a twist! Unable to hold the full parade in public, they dubbed this year’s event the “Stay Day” Parade and broadcasted it Online instead! The three-hour live stream featured comedians, singers and performers from around the local area. Great work guys!


Fair Play Café

It has become more important than ever to look after our elderly and vulnerable neighbours. And that is exactly what the Fair Play Café in Ringsend have been doing. They have been out tirelessly delivering lunches to those unable to leave their houses. This display of generosity by a local business is a true reflection of the community spirit at work all over the capital


Noble Knitting

Our ethos of “People Helping People” is really reflected in the efforts of one of our ESB members, Louise Rooney. Louise has been busy knitting some lovely blankets for dementia and palliative care patients in the Lourdes Hospital. We’re delighted to be able to support Louise in her endeavours by sponsoring her wool supplies. Keep up the amazing work Louise!

We have always been a country with an incredible community spirit. When times are tough, we come together to raise spirits and look after each other. All of us at Savvi feel so privileged to be a part of these amazing communities.