Money-savvi members can keep it in the family | Savvi Credit Union
on 11 Jul 2018 11:16 PM
One of the most frequently asked questions is about family membership, ie. “My son lives in Dingle and he’d love to join Savvi but doesn’t work for the ESB… is there any way he can join Savvi?”
Yes, if you are a member of Savvi then any of your immediate family members can join – even if they live outside of what’s known as our ‘common bond’. That’s the area in which we operate.
Joining Savvi delivers a whole host of benefits, from the things you’d expect – Savings Account, Low-Rate Flexible Loans – to things you might not, such as Insurance, Foreign Exchange and our popular ‘Budget Account’. 
You already know that it makes sense to be a Savvi member, so start spreading the news! You can download the forms or simply drop in and start the conversation with a member of staff. And, all in the shared spirit of community, which is one of the things that makes us so popular with families in the first place. After all, we’re One Big Family!