on 01 Mar 2021 9:22 AM

Online shopping post Brexit can be a tricky business, so we have included this handy checklist to help you ensure a smooth experience while enjoying some online retail therapy.

Before You Buy...

Check where the business is based

If the business is based outside of the EU, you may consider finding an alternative EU store to ensure you have stronger rights if an issue should arise in the future.

Only buy from trustworthy retailers

When shopping online it’s important to do some quick research to make sure that retailers are legitimate. Check reviews and social media.

Check the cancellation & returns policy

When buying goods online from non-EU based businesses, read the T&Cs on their website and check if you can return or cancel your order, if you change your mind.

Check for additional taxes or charges

If you are buying from a business outside of the EU, be sure to read the T&Cs on their website for details of any import taxes or additional charges that you may have to pay - for example, VAT or customs charges - on delivery.

For more information on Brexit and your consumer rights, visit and remember – if in doubt, check it out!