Insurances that Reassure

One of the great benefits of being a member of Savvi are the insurances you can avail of for free.


Share Insurance

This is a life assurance product provided by the Credit Union at no direct cost to the member - in the event of a member’s death all savings of up to €3,000 are doubled, so long as these savings were made before the member’s 55th birthday and the balance in the account never falls below this amount thereafter.  
If this maximum insurable amount is not saved before the member’s 55th birthday, then anything that is saved below this amount will be doubled and anything saved after age 55 (up to the max of €3,000) will be at a reduced rate”. 

Please note that the above came into effect as at  1st March 2019

Loan Insurance

Loan Insurance will clear a member’s loan in the event of death.

To qualify for this insurance, members must be in good health and fit to carry out the daily duties of their occupation, at the date the loan was approved.

Note; Loan Insurance ceases on a member’s 70th birthday-if there is any outstanding loan balance on death, the member’s shares will be used to clear the outstanding loan.

Death Benefit Insurance

On the death of a member, an amount of €1,950 will be paid out to you by Savvi Credit Union to help contribute towards funeral expenses.

Please note that the above came into effect as at  1st March 2019

If you’d like us to talk you through any of these insurances in more detail, get in touch on 01-6325100, at or visit our FAQs here.