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Non-Executive Director Role Profile

Background to Role

Savvi Credit Union (the ‘credit union’) management oversees the day-to-day operation of the credit union whilst the board of directors provides guidance on long-range objectives, determines policy and monitors the credit union’s overall progress. It’s a job that demands investment in time, energy and expertise. The board of directors is responsible and accountable to the membership for the general control, direction and management of the credit union.


See Appendix 1 attached for Competency descriptions and Appendix 2 for Commitment Indicators.

Specific responsibilities of Directors include:

1.1 setting, monitoring and reviewing the strategy for the credit union;

1.2 operating a comprehensive decision-making process, ensuring that decisions are documented and can be explained;

1.3 appoint a CEO, risk management officer and compliance officer, and ensure there is an effective management team in place;

1.4 ensure there is an effective Internal Audit function operating and reporting to the Board;

1.5 ensure there is an appropriate succession plan for Board and management;

1.6 ensure compliance with all requirements imposed by legislation;

1.7 remove non-director officers where duly determined that there has been a failure to perform duties or responsibilities;

1.8 approve all plans, policies and procedures;

1.9 ensure accounts submitted for audit, presented to the members at AGM, and recommend dividend to members


Appendix 1


1 - Leadership

2 - Strategic & Performance Focus

3 - Innovation and Marketing

4 - Financial Expertise

5 - Corporate Governance

6 - Strategic Collaboration


Appendix 2


1 - Understands the Role and Complies with Fitness and Probity

2 - Demonstrates Commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

3 - Preparatory Work

4 - Attends and Contributes at Board Meetings

5 - Displays a Professional Work Ethic

6 - Undertakes Appropriate Sub-Committee Work and Additional Duties

Non-Executive Director Vacancies

Applications are now closed

Savvi Credit Union invites applications from suitably qualified candidates who would be interested in volunteering as non-executive directors.